Tips on Thesis for Nursing Research Paper

Writing a research paper is challenging and difficult but it is fulfilling. In writing, it takes a lot of energy, effort and time but it is needed in order to make a high quality output. To help you go through the process, here is thesis statement for nursing research paper tips.

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Nursing Research Paper Topics Ideas Thesis Statement

  • It is important to determine what kind of research paper you’re writing and that is nursing

  • For analytical research paper, you need to breaks down an idea or an issue with component parts. You also need to evaluate the idea or issue and make an evaluation of your audience.

  • For expository research paper, you need to explain something to your audience related to your research paper.

  • For an argumentative research paper on nursing, it is necessary that you make a claim about your topic. You need to make justification for what your claim together with specific evidence. Your claim can be about your opinion, evaluation, interpretation, cause and effect or policy proposal. For argumentative type of research paper, you need to convince the audience that your claim is true and based on evidence.

  • For a thesis statement about nursing, it is important that you place your statement in the first paragraph that will help your reader to get the main idea of your paper.

  • A thesis statement must need to be specific. It must need to cover only what you discuss in your research paper. It is essential that it would be supported with specific evidence and not just present information.

  • Thesis statement appears usually at the end of the first paragraph of research paper.

  • Tour topics can be changed as you write that is why you also need to revise your thesis statement in reflecting exactly what you have discussed in your paper.

Examples of Nursing Thesis Statement

  • Nursing contributes to the society in many ways from caring individual up to caring of communities and families.

  • Shortage of nurses reached epidemic level today.

  • Scope of nursing practice

  • Nursing is connected to ambulatory care

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