How to Make a Thesis Statement for Research Paper

Each paper that people will write must to know how to develop a thesis statement for a research paper and have a thesis statement, central message, main idea or main point. The arguments they need to present must need to reflect with the main idea. Your thesis statement must capture the main point. A good thesis statement for research paper focus with ideas and it is short because it can only be one to two sentences. Your statement must need to tell to reader or audience on what your paper is all about and will help you in keeping an argument focused.

How to Make a Thesis Statement for Research Paper

In making a thesis statement for a research paper, you need to start early. It must appear in the introduction or for longer research papers in the second paragraph for it to make a position and allows readers to have a direction. To make a successful statement, here is what you need to do.

  • Avoid burying thesis statement in the middle of your paragraph or placing it at the end of your paper.

  • You need to be specific and clear as much as possible.

  • Avoid vague words

  • A thesis statement must need to be specific and clear. You need to refine your thesis when you will revise your arguments for your thesis to evolve. You also need to check your thesis if there are large statements that is connected by a coordinating conjunction such as but, or, and, yet, so or no. Think if a subordination conjunction would also be a help and don’t forget to check if you have unfocused thesis.

  • A thesis statement must need to be limited to specific number of pages you have.

Examples of Thesis Statement in a Research Paper

  • Pornographic violence movies degrades women and men

  • Slasher movies fails to deliver emotional catharsis compared to 1930s horror films

  • Since planets health depends on biological diversity, people must need to save whales

  • Fairy tales play a big role on psychology of your children

For others, it is hard to have a magnificent thesis statement but when you have useful and helpful tips, thinking and doctoral dissertation writing help would not be hard on your part.