Creating an essay about a video game

If you are a gaming enthusiast, this might be the most fun essay assignment you have ever received. However, if you aren’t proficient in essay writing, you must be careful. The teacher probably does not want an essay describing how to play the game, or how to win the game. There must be some other elements.

It’s a common thought that people aren’t taken seriously in life when they can’t write very well. Someone who spends hours daily in front of a video game instead of practicing their writing skills could really struggle in crafting a great essay about this subject.

Tips for being a Better Writer

If you desire to be a more effective writer so you can easily write your own winning essays, here are three tips to follow:

  1. Read good writing. Find authors in your field of interest, in this case video games and read what they write. You can read video game reviews, blog posts, magazine articles etc. This gets you in the mindset of what well-written material sounds like. You might also come across some poorly written material which also serves its purpose. It shows you how not to write!
  2. Take a mini writing course. This doesn’t have to be a full-fledged college writing course by any means. There are many online courses, many of them free. There may be some courses offered in your community. Check with your instructor or advisor and see what they recommend.
  3. Practice writing. This can be done every day. If you choose to do some writing on a daily basis, even a couple hundred words, it puts you in the mindset of writing. This is a very good exercise for your brain as well. Keep a thesaurus opened up beside you and practice using new words in place of old tired ones that fall easily out of your mind and onto the screen.

Writing your Video Game Essay

You have an assignment that’s due and you can’t wait forever to get it started. You may not have time to do lots of practice writing before tackling this essay, but the practice will put you in a good position for your next essay. And there will be a next, trust me!

Follow these 3 quick tips for essay success:

  1. Keep your topic narrow and specific.
  2. Formulate a succinct and interesting outline.
  3. Get help for editing and proofreading. It’s difficult to catch your own mistakes.