How to write best college essays easily

One of the best things to do when you are tackling your college essay is to learn how to make your fingers do the walking. This means that rather than rush all over town trying to find a particular product, you pick up the telephone and track down the missing item. You save yourself time and effort and get the results you want far more quickly and possibly at a far better price. That principle applies to writing your best college essays. By following these tips you will make the task so much easier.

  • try brainstorming
  • forget spelling and punctuation
  • know the formula
  • answer the question
  • choose the right topic
  • get some sort of reaction
  • polish, polish and polish

Take out a piece of paper and with the topic of your essay in front of you have a brainstorming session. This means you simply write down any word or words which come into your mind in relation to the topic. You don't think about them being relevant. You don't care about the spelling. You just get it down. Then, after a few minutes, you can go back and carefully select those words which seem to have a good idea for your essay. This can help you looking for research topics and certainly will help you finding ideas.

Once you've done all your research and preparation and you start to actually write the draft of your essay, don't fuss about its appearance. Type or write as fast as you can, not caring about spelling and punctuation and even structure for that matter. Just get it down. It's much easier to go back and refine your essay once it already exists.

There are standard aspects in the formula of every essay. The three main ones of course are the introduction, the body of the essay and then its conclusion. Know this formula backwards. Look at other essays and see how they have followed this formula.

Answer the question being asked. If you are writing an essay about a specific topic, it doesn't matter how well you write your essay, if it does not address the topic then you have done a poor job. It is much easier to write the best college essay when you stick to the topic.

And talking of topics you'll write far more easily when you choose the right topic. If it's something that you have a lot of knowledge about already, or something about which you have an interest or passion, then chances are it will flow easily.

It's always a good idea to get somebody to read your finished essay. Before you hand it in try and get some feedback from fellow students, friends or family. Listen to what they have to say and if you agree with their response then in your polishing and revising of your essay, make the appropriate changes. And don't forget that you can always improve your essay once you've finished. Try reading it with an independent or objective mind and fix anything which needs to be altered.