Learn how to write an essay for a scholarship by using online samples

The main purpose of your school or college shall be to teach you the necessary things you will use in life. However, as it may seem to a lot of people, our educational system does not pay enough attention to the things that are really important and will help you to achieve your future goals. Writing different types of application letters can be considered one of these things. Each institution, program or scholarship demands a motivation letter, application essay or personal statement. You may have written some of them during your school years. But it was most likely not explained to you, how to write these things correctly. If you come across the need, you will have to learn all of this yourself.

Where can I find help and find out how to write scholarship essays?

You live in quite a lucky time. All the information your parents would need hours and days to get, is in just a click away from you. Online services offer both help with writing the essay and with guidelines, so you could write it yourself.

  • First of all, check the general guidelines websites. They will tell you what you shall include in your essay, which type and styles you shall use and what common mistakes students make.
  • Check out the website of the scholarship you are applying for or institution that offers the scholarship. Find reviews from people who have won the scholarship earlier, seek some guidelines about what is expected from you.
  • Look at the samples available online.

How can I learn from online samples?

Reading online samples seems pointless to a lot of applicants. What is the use of spending time on reading someone else’s work if you cannot copy the thoughts and some good sentences can stick in your mind, causing plagiarism in your essay? This is not completely true. There are some very important things you can learn from an online sample.

  • Style and vocabulary. Such essays shall be written in official style, avoiding too narrative or casual style. It will be important for you to take a look at some expressions that will make your essay look more professional.
  • Ideas. Though you cannot plagiarize under any circumstances, you can always paraphrase. If you come across an interesting idea, memorize it and tell in your own words.
  • Mistakes. If some part of an essay seems not right to you, keep it in mind as well. It will help you to avoid the same mistakes in the future.