Why you should not buy essays online

Essay writing is an important academic task which every student has to do in his/her student life. One must learn the technique of essay writing during his student life. Essay writing skill is very useful and it is workable throughout the life. At any stage of life you need to write essays or you need to attempt the essay type questions in your higher level examinations. You also need to write essays in competitive examinations. The students who show laziness in writing essays or the ones who rely on readymade stuff, they can never learn the technique and methodology of essay writing.

These days it has become a trend to buy online essays, reviews and articles or custom written research papers and online college essays. There are thousands of websites which are providing the services of online essays to their customers. Their customers are most of the times college students and they are increasing day by day which is a serious threat to the quality of education.

It is a debatable issue that whether students should buy online essays or not. There are many disadvantages of buying online essays; some of the major flaws of custom written essays are listed below:

  • Number of websites:
  • First of all the problem of online essays is this that there are thousands of websites providing this service. You cannot decide which website is providing the quality work and which is just doing the business.

  • Measuring Gauge:
  • Essay writing is a traditional educational activity and it is designed to measure the understanding, intelligence and brightness of students. If you rely on readymade essays how can the ability of students judged.

  • Copied work:
  • The material used in custom essays is not original material or at least it is not produced by student himself. It is un-ethical to use someone else’s work.

  • Intellectual Dishonesty:
  • It is highly intellectual dishonesty to buy readymade stuff and avoid doing your own work by using your brain and mind. What is the point in scoring marks by presenting someone other’s work.

  • Deadline:
  • You can also not fully rely on online essay services as they make delays in meeting your deadlines. You can fail your exams due to delay in deadlines.

  • Quality of Content:
  • It is not necessary that quality of the content is maintained in online essays. They are being written by non-expert clients instead of professionals in the subject.