How to Start a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is largely based on personal observation and detailed descriptions that involve all of the reader’s senses. It can describe anything from an event, object, person, place, memory, or imagined scenario, and are not usually full of action, but instead focus intensively on a specific subject. You should be creative, use vivid imagery, and incorporate rich vocabulary. You don’t need to provide factual information or definitions – your only task is to describe your specific subject in as much detail as possible, awakening the mind and the senses of the reader.

So now we’ve defined what a descriptive essay should be like, but how do you get started?

  • Choosing a topic is the first step in the process. Think about interesting or challenging personal experiences you have had and how they affected you. Reflect on your family’s history, a past event, or a childhood memory. Remember or imagine a unique object or significant place. Almost anything you can think of can work as a topic for a descriptive essay.
  • Compare several subjects that you are interested in and brainstorm ideas to see which one stimulates your imagination the most. Make lists of associated words, images, and events that might help you come up with more ideas. Think about the reason behind your interest in each topic.
  • Ensure that your chosen topic is interesting and thought-provoking and is capable of providing a lot of in-depth material for your essay. Then do your best to unwind and have a clear mind, so you can really focus thoroughly on thoroughly exploring your subject.
  • Think about the order of your essay and what information you might want to convey in each paragraph. Create an outline and plan, beginning on a more general level and gradually working onto more specific details.
  • Focus on bringing the reader directly into the situation and leaving them with the feeling that they have experienced it firsthand. Don’t tell them how to feel, show them through your descriptions. Write down how each of the senses is affected by the subject and keep this in mind throughout the process.

The key to beginning a descriptive essay is choosing a great topic that works for you and unlocks your creativity and imagination. Once you have chosen your topic and implemented the other guidelines mentioned, you will be well on your way to having a strong and engaging descriptive essay.