Online Essay Writing Businesses That Scam Students

As with roughly service online and offline there are services that will take advantage of the student with money to have his or her work completed for them. These students are the perfect marks for them—especially when the student gets into that desperate time where they need to get that paper done with the quickness!

On the Surface

On the surface, these online essay writing scam businesses aren’t distinguishable from other sites in the business. They feature the same general layout, have their 24/7 consumer helpline, and offer the same services and features of a more reputable service:

  • Summary of what they write.
  • Testimonials.
  • Pricing and Order Form.
  • Samples.
  • 100% Non-Plagiarized Work.
  • Timely free delivery.
  • Expert writing.

These are all things any online essay writing service worth its salt should have posted and should offer to potential clients and these scam businesses are aware of this. With any service online, there will be some autonomy with the layout of the site and the way the business operates. Steering off from that could be viewed as either unique and innovative or risky and ridiculous, but will always be met with suspicion.

Taking Money

“Money upfront” is the foundation of these services. If they did the paper first and relied on consumers to adhere to the honor system then there would be some services short on cash. This is especially true when you consider they’re working for a client who is bucking their institution’s or instructor’s honor system to get their work completed.

After completing the order form for your assignment, you’ll be greeted with the price. These are usually more or less close to others in the business unless a discount is being offered. Once you confirm payment, they have your money and you just have to wait until they give you the work you paid for…if they do.
It’s at this point that a service can—to quote a Steve Miller Band song—take the money and run. You can email them all you want, but they can ignore you and if you give them the instructor of your course the essay was for, they could inform the instructor that you attempted to pay for your essay.

Avoiding Scammers

Check out review sites that cover essay writing services or college forums and sites that might feature posts or topics about online essay writing services. It’s best not to go with your intuitions when it comes to such an abstract industry.