Where to find some good topics to do a research paper on

You most certainly will find them online but this is not the only place. You can talk to your fellow students, you can talk to your teacher or other academic staff and you can certainly talk to the librarian in your educational institute’s library. This is a glaring error on behalf of many students who neglect their local library. We have become so used to using a search engine to find things online that the one often true source of valuable information is neglected.

Certainly every college will have a collection of research papers which have been produced by students of the college over the years. You don't have to copy exactly what someone else has already written a research paper on, but you will certainly get ideas and possibly inspiration from seeing what has gone before.

What makes a topic a good topic?

There are a number of issues which help add the stamp of good to a particular topic. Mind you, a better stamp would be excellent or fantastic. What really helps is if you have an interest in it or better still a passion, and if it is a topic which lends itself to depth.

It is easy to find a list of research paper topics. A simple online journey will reveal dozens of websites with dozens or rather hundreds of research paper topics. If you can only write one research paper so the choice of topic is all-important. Ask yourself these two questions.

  • Am I excited about writing a research paper on this topic?
  • Does this research paper topic have a wide array of resource material?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to both of these questions you're well on the way to writing a terrific paper. Just think how easier it will be for you to write your research paper if you already know quite a bit about the topic you have chosen. Just imagine how enthusiastic you will be to get stuck into your research paper knowing you have a passion for this topic. Take advantage where you can. If you're already halfway there because of your hobby or prior knowledge, milk this situation.

But just because you have a passion for a topic doesn't necessarily make it a good one. For instance if there is very little research material available on this topic then you are really making the job harder for yourself. Look to see the depth of the topic. Is there an abundance of research material enabling you to discover information which you can use in your writing?

Without a real and genuine interest in the topic and without a large selection of research material, your topic is not so good after all. However, if you are keen and there is plenty of research material available, you may very well have a good topic.