Process improvement for physician pharmaceutical inventory


The medical field has been one full of new inventions and innovations and has risen to grow in the recent past. New types of drugs have been introduced due to the ever evolving field of research about pathogens. Pharmacists have to adapt new methods to ensure that whatever they stock is up to date and safe. They need to develop an effective stock control process to curtail stock loss. The processes developed need to be in line with government regulations to ensure that pharmacies are not closed down due to inefficiency.

Process Improvement

One way of improving physician pharmaceutical inventory is introduction of barcode technology. All drugs need to be coded and the system that they are entered into also needs to be programmed in such a way that every drug has its own unique code that matches its name. In this, special gadgets that read the codes of the drugs are acquired together to ease the process of entering sales and purchases in the system. (Roberts, 2011) In addition, staffs working in such pharmacies need to undergo practical sessions to ensure that they know how bar code technology works. Fitting a pharmacy with bar code technology seeks to ensure that inventory loss is minimal or not there at all.

Pharmaceutical shops need to be fitted with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to ensure that stock is safely guarded and loss is minimized or evaded for good. CCTV cameras are suited in strategic points in pharmaceutical shops and the display screen should be monitored regularly by the control staff. Entry to the control room is limited to senior management and control staff as well as the maintenance company that had the tender to mount CCTV in the shop. Surveillance of the stocked drugs will be enhanced once CCTV is installed and monitored in regular intervals.

Steps should be taken to ensure that the management of pharmaceutical shops doesn’t maintain staffs in one department (Langabeer II, 2008). This can be done through regular rotation of staffs. Maintaining staffs in one department gives way to staff collusion and may give rise to fraudulent deals.


It is essential to have efficient ways to ensure that drugs are well guarded and secure to minimize losses to pharmacists. Security could be improved by having security personnel at door steps so that customers are assured of their security as they shop and also to check malicious customers who could carry explosives to the shop.