Writing a good leader essay - main focus points

Writing a good leader essay is all about focus on the right topics. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing a popular leader from the last century. These figures include:

  1. Nelson Mandela
  2. Winston Churchill
  3. Bill Clinton
  4. Margaret Thatcher
  5. Adolf Hitler
  6. Martin Luther King, Jr.

While these individuals may seem strikingly different, there are characteristics they all share that will serve as the main focus points in your leader essay.

What Are the Main Points?

It’s relatively simple to include the key components that make up a perfect leader essay. They included an ability to develop a solid following, the ability to work with undeterred focus toward one specific goal, and the ability to do both of these things without concern for the opposing opinion.

For instance, both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Adolf Hitler worked towards very different goals, but both of them had to convince millions of individuals to rally behind their position. Both of them had to work with undeterred focus. They both had to do this despite threats and opposition from popular opinion.

While it’s interesting to note that both ended up killed, this isn’t something that demonstrates good leadership abilities.

Using Stories to Demonstrate These Points

The best way to illustrate these points in your essay is through stories. Tell stories that prove the abilities of the leader. This will help to clarify how these leaders were able to use these abilities to lead a group of people on their intended path.

With just a few paragraphs you can easily demonstrate why these points are so important, too.

Put your essay together using the basic formula used for all papers. The most important thing is to provide a great introduction, solid thesis, several paragraphs of supporting material, properly cited resources, and a powerful conclusion.

If you do this, then your leadership essay will shine. You will gain the grade you deserve and you will be propelled into serious academic stardom. You will be one short step away from becoming a great leader, yourself.

The most important thing, though, is that you try to avoid clichés in your leadership essay. If you’re going to choose one of the popular leaders listed above you have to use unique stories and explanations that demonstrate their leader qualities. Otherwise you won’t be doing anything unique and you’re less likely to get a good grade.