What Are The Good Persuasive Essay Topics To Write On?

An essay is a hard thing to write when you have no idea where to start.  Luckily, you have at least one starting point by knowing you need to write a persuasive essay.  But what exactly is a persuasive essay?  The sole purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade or convince the audience that one way of thinking is better than another.  Therefore, when deciding on a topic for a persuasive essay, you need to make sure that there are at least two differing views for that specific topic.

Persuasive Essay Topics

One basic essay topic is explaining why cats are better than dogs (or vice versa).  Of course, most instructors will want something a little more academic sounding than a simple opinion about your favorite animal.  Some instructors may even have a set list of topics that you cannot choose from.  Here are some better topics:

  1. Individual political issues (such as same-sex marriage or the death penalty)
  2. Vegetarianism
  3. Global Warming
  4. Online Education
  5. Animal Experimentation
  6. Keeping up on global news
  7. Arguing for the benefits of exercise

These topics are just a few of the different ideas available for you to pick.  The best way to decide on a topic is to think of the class you are taking.  Is it a science class?  Global warming may be a good topic especially if you are learning about climate change or the environment in general.  Maybe you are in a literature class.  Look back to the last thing you read for that class, do you remember one of the main concepts?  Use a concept idea from that book or poem you read and you have yourself a great persuasive essay topic.

Lastly, when choosing your essay topic, make sure that you have a definite point of view.  Otherwise, when writing the essay you may have a hard time finding reasons for that point of view you are ultimately arguing for.  These reasons need to be strong so that the reader actually believes that this point of view is the correct one, or, if the reader already has a set way of thinking, will help the reader realize that there are other ways of thinking about this particular issue.  By picking a topic that you feel strongly about, you will ultimately have a better final draft than if you had picked one that you felt so-so about.