10 Outstanding Free Astronomy Term Paper Ideas For University

Thinking of the perfect idea for an astronomy term paper can be a struggle. Fortunately astronomy is a profoundly interesting subject which constantly develops and changes as new discoveries are made. When writing your paper on astronomy you have an opportunity to tackle some of humanities biggest, most fundamental questions concerning existence and our place in the universe. Alternatively, you might want to tackle a much smaller problem, like the disputes between scientists over how certain celestial objects should be classified. There is always an opportunity to pick a topic which interests you when you are writing about astronomy, and that is ultimately the most important aspect of deciding what you want to write about.

Term Paper Ideas Related to Process and Methodology

  • The re-classification of Pluto from planet to dwarf planet
  • The history of astronomy from Copernicus to Newton
  • How as the increased accuracy of telescopes and other astronomical equipment affected our ability to understand the universe?
  • How relevant are Fermi's paradox and the Drake equation to the modern astronomical study?
  • Have we learned enough from the various probes and manned missions to other celestial bodies to justify their costs?

These are some questions concerned with how scientists have conducted astronomical research in the past rather. Although they don't directly involve many astronomical theories or ideas, they are still very important questions within the field of astronomy.

Term Paper Ideas Related to Astronomical Theories

  • Does the Capture Hypothesis stand up to the scrutiny of modern science?
  • The formation of binary star systems in comparison to single star systems.
  • Assessment of the evidence for and against the existence of the exoplanet Alpha Centauri Bb
  • Possible ways in which a rogue planet is created/loses its attachment to a star.
  • Discussion of the various stages of a stars life and the transitions between these stages.

These are some ideas which tackle real problems in modern astronomy. They are all subjects which scientists have yet to reach a firm conclusion on. This makes them great candidates for a term paper topic because they enable you to consider the evidence on both sides of the debate, and demonstrate your ability to think critically in order to reach a sound conclusion. Also, since there is no concrete solution to any of these astronomical problems you have more leeway to write and think creatively.

Hopefully these ten ideas will help get you started on your next term paper. Just remember to choose a topic you are enthusiastic about, it will make the whole process a lot more enjoyable.