5 tips for composing an interesting academic essay

Academic essays can sometimes be difficult to write. The writer might have either too much information to fit in or too little to stretch to the required limit in terms of length. The most difficult part for many writers is how to navigate the seemingly boring academic information and turn the essay into an interesting piece. The following are some of the tips that writers can use to compose an interesting academic essay.

  1. Be bold- although the essay is academic in nature and obviously has guidelines on how to write and what to include, the writer should not be afraid to be bold when they are writing. The first step in making the writing interesting is making the writing different. One cannot go to beyond the boundaries, even push them a little if they do not have the guts. Being bold is the first step.
  2. Consult- the writer should seek information from writing experts, peers and even their instructors if they want to deliver a truly all round essay that is both informative and interesting. They should study the language forms they intend to use and consider carefully the direction they wish to take with their essay.
  3. Audience- they say one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure. Granted, the academic information that may be found in the essay can be understood by intellectuals all around. However, what is interesting to one party might not necessarily be interesting to another. Target audience is a very crucial consideration in any form of writing. When doing academic essays, the target audience should be no less important. One should look at the cultural, traditional and prevailing conditions before writing their essay.
  4. Proofreading- the importance of proofreading cannot be stressed enough. In an academic essay, the foundations are the pieces of information that the author has. They represent the bone of the writing. The meat is the language and how the writer presents their argument. Having errors in the work, especially those related to grammar, spelling and punctuations is tantamount to having a fat juicy piece of meat on the bone only to find the meat spoiled. It distracts the user from the message and the tone the writer attempts to strike.
  5. Use of humor- academic writing is serious, but the use of humor never hurt anyone. The extra smile on the reader’s face will only help reinforce the message that the writer attempts to pass across.

The writer should not be too overzealous though, they should keep the paper interesting but within the rules of academic essay writing.