High School Essay Example on the Gulf War

The Gulf War is the war that was fought between Iraq and United Nations authorized coalition force from some thirty four countries. It lasted for nearly one year between 2nd August 1990 and 28th February 1991. The second phase, which saw the major operation, took place between 17th January 1991 and 28th February 1991 was codenamed Operation Desert Storm.

This war started as a result of Iraqi’s invasion and annexation of Kuwait. For a long period, the Iraqi had claimed Kuwait as Iraq’s territory and the rivalry on oil production between the two states led to Iraq-Kuwait conflict. The invasion was opposed by the United Nations Organization, hence economic sanctions were declared against Iraq.

United Security Council led by then the President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, declared war on Iraq for refusing to withdraw their invasion, as a result, U.S forces were arrayed in Saudi Arabia. Other countries were also urged to deploy their forces at the scene and 34 countries responded with majority of troops received from U.S, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The initial moves to end the war were proposed by Iraq in December 1990 when it proposed to withdraw her troops from Kuwait. However, the U.S government rejected the move and maintained her stand that no negotiations would be held until Iraq withdraws her troops from Kuwait. On 29th November 1990, The U.N Security Council passed a consensus and gave Iraq up to 15th January 1991 to pull out from Kuwait.By 17th January 1991, Iraq had not withdrawn as it was stated; this intensified the war and aerial bombing by the U.N forces started.

The war ended on 28th February 1991 and left behind various effects. Deaths of both military and civilians were recorded; fresh rivalry between Iraq and other Arab countries were also initiated. Besides, the war also twisted a new opening for peacemaking in the Middle East. Proclamation was made by the U.S President, George Bush that he would ensure upsurge in efforts of ensuring peace process in the Middle East. This would only happen if Iraq withdraws her invasion of Kuwait.

Though it took a shorter period of time as compared to other inter-national wars like the world war1 and 2, the Gulf war similarly brought about major destruction and deterioration in the world’s economy.