4 Tips for Graduate Coursework Writing

The first thing you need to be aware of is that writing coursework for any subject takes work, and especially at the graduate level. It isn’t something that you can just push off or do half-heartedly. When you start a project like this, it’s essential that you are tidy and organized in everything you need for writing the coursework. Once you have everything in order, you won’t be wasting time later looking for something that you forgot or misplaced. In order to put this in perspective for you, try thinking about your project as adopting a new pet. Before you go to the pet store or the breeder to choose one and bring it home, you need to have your home ready. For dogs or cats, you need their food and water and litter boxes, etc. For hamsters or caged pets you need the tank or cage, bedding, any climbing things or toys, as well as their food. If you just bring home your new friend without any preparation, that’s no way to start a loving relationship with your pet.

Take the Time to Prepare for Your Assignment

Show your teacher that you really deserve a good grade. The best way to do this is by writing the best coursework assignment that you can. If you are able to, the most efficient way to write coursework is to have everything prepared before you start the actual writing. This way, once you do get to the first draft, you’re less likely to need to edit a whole bunch of it, and you’ll also follow a clearer path of narrative, which will definitely be evident to the reader, i.e. your teacher. This may sound like hogwash to some students, but it really does help and there’s no harm in trying. You’d have to do all of these things after you’ve written the first draft anyways, so you might as well do them first and save yourself the extra time spent and the headache that comes along with that.

Here are four tips for being more organized:

  1. Always decide ahead of time where you’re going to put something and always keep it in that spot. This way you’ll never lose it.
  2. Keep your other projects for this class separate from this coursework. It isn’t very helpful to have one binder for an entire class if your notes are all over the place.
  3. Focus and eliminate things that you know will distract you.
  4. Lastly, get into the habit and it’ll stick with you; just keep doing these steps.