The Best Government Essay Topics

Government and politics is a very interesting topic to study, even if you hate politics. You can certainly study political structures and systems without getting bogged down in all things political. The best government essays are not political at all, at least not in the sense of an essay that is biased toward one political party or the other.

A good government essay should be able to make an argument about government or politics without coming across as biased or one sided. It is ok to form an opinion or make a conclusion that leans toward one side of an issue, as long as you respectfully and judiciously discuss all sides of the opinion in your paper. With that in mind, here are some ideas for your next government essay:

  1. Conflict: any issue involving conflict is the perfect issue for a government essay. You could write your government essay about conflict between nations or conflict within nations such as a civil war.
  2. Ideological conflict: you could even choose an issue that people are divided on such as racial equality, abortion, or fair taxation. If you do this keep in mind the point made above about fairly addressing all sides of the topic before arguing for your conclusions.
  3. History: history may be a different subject, but that does not mean you cannot use the history of governments or the history of different political issues in your paper. For example you could write an essay on major events in the history of US government during a certain time period.
  4. Current events: if you can convince your professor that you are well informed on current events, you will have the upper hand on the paper and in your class. Pick a crisis or hot topic in government or politics and make that the subject of your paper. Sample topics include the crisis in the Middle east, genocides, human rights violations, current court cases and so on.
  5. Supreme Court cases: it is amazing how long of a paper you could write about a single court case. Court briefs are a tough read, but they are fairly short in length and there is plenty of information out there about popular cases. This makes popular court cases an excellent topic.
  6. Rights, Values, and Ideals: whenever possible, you should discuss important concepts such as justice, ethics, separation of church and state, human rights, and other important subjects in your paper. These are all important subjects to discuss when talking about government or political issues.