Brainstorming Fresh Thesis Topics To Get A Good Grade For Your Paper

If you want to make an impression with your thesis, you will need to choose and interesting and original topic. This is no easy task as once you start thinking about this, you will see that the majority of the things that come to mind first have been used already.

Here are a few brainstorming tips that can help you come up with an original idea:

  • Don’t do the brainstorming alone.
  • This is one of the study activities that will be 200% more productive when handled by a group. Your peers can give you some very interesting ideas and hints as each person is unique and you will be able to broaden your horizons when several well-educated individuals explain how they perceive the subject from their personal points of view.

    Group brainstorming is also fun and will help you get a boost of motivation.

  • Focus on the topics you’ve already covered.
  • It may be tempting to choose an original topic few people know anything about, but writing a thesis on it will be extremely difficult. Instead, you should focus on developing original approaches to the topics you’ve already covered. Look for ways to present the problem from a new point of view.

  • Choose a topic you like.
  • This will help you to write a very good thesis and stay motivated throughout this difficult task. The quality of your work will also increase as the passion that comes from genuine interest can make even some dull topics seem more impressive.

    If you still struggle with narrowing down your field of interests, look at the following suggestions. They may inspire you.

  • Who is truly to blame for airplane accidents?
  • This paper can be focused either on the technical side of the accidents or on the economic factors that influence the construction team. You can develop your own unique perception of the issue to make the paper more interesting.

  • Should the drinking age in the U.S. be lowered to 18?
  • Offer some ideas on how this strategy can be used to reduce the number of young people who abuse alcohol.

  • Is contemporary art truly art?
  • Express your ideas on the topic and be sure to come up with some very interesting examples and convincing arguments.

  • How are children used in war?
  • Analyze some war conflicts and offer strategies on how to prevent the creation of child soldiers.

  • Is church arson fueled with hate?
  • Should coal mines be subjected to stricter security measures?
  • List the ideas of the most effective techniques that can be used to increase safety in mines.

  • Is fast food responsible for the America’s obesity problem?