Finding A Sample MLA Outline For A Research Paper: Basic Tips

The instructions when writing a research paper clearly indicate the formatting style to be used. A sample outline for MLA academic papers helps you when writing the front page, citation, referencing and other details captured in the MLA format. Some of the samples are not marked as MLA or APA. As such, it is difficult to identify the format used.

Here are some of the pointers that the research paper indicated as written in MLA format is reliable for academic purposes.

  • The margins used on the entire document should be one inch. Spacing used should be double with a font that is 12 points in size.

  • A credible document has a page header on each page. The position of the header is upper right corner. The details that are included in the header are the name of the author as well as the document page.

  • The first page of a credible MLA formatted academic paper should include a title block. The information contained in the title block includes a creative and informative heading to the paper as well as identification details. The title identifies the author, the institution, the discipline of study and other relevant information required to identify the paper.

  • Citations are part of any quality academic work. MLA format requires that every section from another author or book be accredited. The right position for the citation is near or at the end of the paraphrased or quoted sentence. There should be no coma separating the name of the author and the page where the quotation has been extracted. Punctuations that form part of the citation are included in the parenthesis.

  • The end of the sample MLA outline for research paper should contain a list of all works cited. The right way to sort the list is in an alphabetical order using the name of the author. Where the name of the author is not known, the name of the publisher is used and in extreme cases, the title of the book.

  • A bibliography page is optional at the end of the sample MLA Outline for a research paper. However, it must be included if the tutor has given such instructions. The correct sorting order is alphabetical. All works that were used in writing the paper must be included in the bibliography. This includes newspapers, books, audio transcripts, online sources, etc.

The MLA format is sometimes tedious. Luckily, there are applications to simplify your work. The software makes your writing easy and accurate.