Research Paper Writing Guide: Thesis Statement Examples

Thesis statement papers and essay have a high probability of making an impact with someone to improve their grade or even their current situation. Written all across the web are examples of thesis statements and quality essays that can be used as an example of some wonderful work. A thesis statement makes for an argument and always provides the rest of the essay in a given direction. This direction is to be supported and argued for. Opinions are what a thesis actually is and depending on the paper that’s being written there are some thesis statements that make the paper more unique to you.

A thesis statement is a statement on the paper that actually describes it is responsible for adding the focus of the paper and the direction it will be given. The side of your thesis is basically what matters. The argument being made it for either a definite answer or argument that you will stand behind.

Choosing a debatable thesis matters. If there is no argument to make on the subject then there isn’t anything to say and if there isn’t anything to say, then there’s no point in writing the paper and you should be doing something else.

Making claims. A thesis statement makes a claim. A controversial claim will incite some added revolt, like, Michael Jackson plays with children. While this thesis statement will garner a lot of mixed reviews, the possibility does exist until it is proven otherwise. Hence, a thesis statement that creates some fight is a thesis that’s worth writing.

Once you create a thesis statement like Michael Jackson plays with children.  As an example that was all over the news, this was an argumentative statement based on a potential fact, not an actual fact, but a potential fact. That’s a valuable point because most people have no clue and don’t know of any way that they would know if it is or not true. It is a polarizing statement that makes people pick a side regardless whether they do nothing or something. Both are choices.

Between making claims, choosing a debatable topic, knowing what a thesis statement is and choosing a side to argue from, you can come up with thousands of examples that will provide you will enough context and interest to write about one your own. A thesis statement can polarize nations and unite them as well.