A tutor can write essays for you

While traditional tutors, especially those offered to you through your school or local library, are not there to write your essays – and do your work – for you. Doing your essay for you won’t help in later pursuits to continually build your communication and research skills. They are there to guide you through the process and help make the writing process easier.

If you are searching for options for having your essay written for you, tutors are not the place to start. And asking would likely get you dropped from the tutoring program – and may lead to academic consequences. It’s not advised.

Where to Look for Essay Writing Services

Unlike tutors, essay writing services do offer help with the complete creation of your essay. Regardless of how far you are in the process (either at the brainstorming stage, research stage, or writing stage), there is help available for a fee.

Freelancers, academic writers, and other professionals are the most common sources that students turn to when they don’t want to write their essay. So how do you find them?

  • Research: Look into the different writing services available online. There are many, many companies that offer different levels of writing help. Some hire writers on permanently, and others function as a middle man in the process and pair you with writers willing to complete your work for a fee. Look into each company to see which option may be right for you.
  • Review: Review the information available for the service you are looking to work with. Make sure that their reviews show a consistent picture of quality help and successful completion. Third party sites will house reviews as well – so it is important you do not rely simply on the results and reviews posted on the company’s own site. Look for credible information from real customers – and a well rounded picture of the overall success of the company.
  • List: Once you choose which service to use, write out a list of your needs. Include a timeline and specific portions that need to be done by when. Also include review dates and other important information about how the writer can get the piece to you as it is completed. If you only communicate online, make sure to note that. If you expect to talk over the phone or over a chat service, note that as well. You must be available to discuss your needs and the writer’s progress.