You're not done writing your essay until you've polished your language

Writing can be a challenge, especially when it seems like you will end up doing revision after revision and you will never come out with a perfect paper. Thinking about performing any monotonous or unpleasant task gets us all a little discouraged, but you do not have to feel hopeless if you are not someone who likes to write. Remembering to keep your voice and style in mind while you are writing can help you to reduce the amount of revisions which you will need later. Writing with tone in mind will make your essay flow better and sound great.

Remember Your Audience

When you are writing academic essays it is important to remember that the language you use must reflect this purpose. Your language should not be loose or overly vernacular in nature when you are creating your essay. If your audience is a professor or other academic figure then you should not be using colloquialisms or abbreviations in your writing. This distracts the reader from the importance of your essay and from your main points.

Brainstorming or free writing before you actually begin work on your essay may help you to get some of the raw ideas and language out of your system before you really begin the work of writing an academic essay. Free writing can mean just taking ten minutes to get all of your thoughts out onto a piece of paper. Remember some general guidelines for free writing are

  • Write in stream of consciousness
  • The pen should never stop moving or leave the paper
  • Do not hold back – no one will judge this writing
  • Do not worry if it seems irrelevant

A Means to an End

Free writing is going to be a way to make sure that you have a chance to get down whatever you are thinking about the essay before you begin so that you will be more focused on the essay while you are writing it. While writing the actual essay you should not just let all of your thoughts come out onto the paper. Instead, you will need to pay attention to

  • Style
  • Tone
  • Grammar
  • Voice
  • Paying attention to these elements of the written word will allow you to polish your language as you go instead of having to deal with totally renovating a paper once you have completed it and started your revisions.