Help with Essay Writing: Creating your Thesis

Much like a healthy heart is the center of the positive human life; a thesis statement is going to be the part of your essay that makes it all work. A thesis provides a purpose in your paper that all of the other work works to prove, disprove or understand. Creating a thesis for an essay can be one of the most difficult things in the writing process. If you make it too broad or big, then you can’t explain it within the context of your paper or you assignment will be too long. If the thesis topic is too small or brief then it will be difficult to make the assignment long enough to fulfill the requirements of an assignment. There are some simple steps to take to make sure that your thesis statement is long enough and deep enough for your requirements.

Find Relevant Examples

For any type of writing, finding examples of writing assignments that can be assessed and copied can be a huge help. To find a thesis statement that has been used to carry a thought through a paper from start to finish can help you develop a good one as well. One great place to go is to find a site with many different papers on it and to copy out only the thesis statements of each one. If you can find several that are relevant to your topic that is even better. Create a long list without any real judgment, and then go back over your list and carve out the ones that you think are particularly good and eliminate the ones that are clearly bad or that don’t fit your topic at all. Try to pare down your list to a final three to five options. Then you can choose from those finalists that you believed were particularly strong.


This process is very similar to the process described above, except that you will be creating the thesis topics yourself, rather than finding them online. A true brainstorming session can be done alone or with other people. It begins by creating a list of topics and statements. The list should be created without prejudice or judgment. Any idea that comes up should be included on your list. Have a goal as to how many ideas you want to accumulate. Then just as before go through them and eliminate those ideas that obviously don’t fit and keep the best ones. As you do, your thesis will be created out of this list. The more overall ideas that you have the better chance you will have for developing a thesis that is strong enough to carry the production of your whole paper.