Writing a controversial research paper – steps to follow

The controversial topic for research paper can be selected through the investigation of the writer and employ his composing abilities to raise an issue, which is controversial in nature.

  • A controversial research paper must be introduced by use of proper planning before data collection and writing to brainstorm on ideas and organize them.
  • Collection of relevant points could be done through mind mapping. The topic sentence must carry the point of the controversial term paper with the reasoning for substantiation.
  • Outlining helps in making a perfect draft of controversial research paper by following a certain structure like an opening paragraph, main body and concluding paragraph. Do not forget to introduce the arguments in the main paragraph.
  • List the arguments in the research paper and don’t just polish it without supporting it with proper reasoning.
  • Find relevant sources to clarify your ideas on the research topic
  • Make notes by providing quotations, figures, statistics, bibliography etc for the controversial research topic.
  • Split the research paper writing process into drafting phase, last copy phase and final check phase. This will help in forming a structured paper on controversial topic without logical interruptions and can be central to a uniformly structured and supported thought or argument of the controversial research paper.
  • Mention the sources properly.
  • For the final version, make the flow of words and ideas seem smooth and uninterrupted.
  • Concentrate on reading the paper with care to improve sentence and rework on it. The logic of the controversial paper must be reflected in the whole research paper by following the line of reasoning and unfolding the thoughts on the topic.
  • Check for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in the research paper.
  • Find a suitable and good topic for raising controversial viewpoints on the subject by selecting a topic with 2 conflicting arguments and using your strong belief to reflect your interest with factual evidence.
  • Chose to support a certain side of the argument by presenting your clear point of view on the controversial topic through gathering of evidence to support your claims. Top it with thorough research.
  • Write an introduction, which provides background information on the topic/opinion to catch the readers' attention.
  • Write the body of the controversial research paper in various paragraphs by raising valid points and also presenting the opposing view or your argument and refuting it in the paper.
  • Reinforce your views in the last paragraph without seeming repetitive by just discussing facts straight and in an organized manner.
  • Make a valid point to influence the readers to accept your arguments and claims.