Get Paid To Write Movie Reviews

There is very little trouble in you writing a movie review if you really want to do it. It may not be the greatest movie review in the world but it is your work and you’re darn proud of it. But this article is about writing a good or even a great movie review and being paid to do so. Sounds great but how can you make that happen?

Well the short answer to that question is to be good, be very, very good. You see it's easy to get a mediocre or lousy movie review published. The do-it-yourself movie review is happening all over the world. People post reviews on their blog all the time. There are even some folks who tweet a review from inside the cinema before the film has finished! How about that for daring! Then there are others who set up a web page called ‘Movie Reviews’ and post away. They sometimes use their own name or make up a name and away they go. But where's the money?

Get paid for what you do

Well one of the best ways to get a paid gig is to get a reputation. And how do you get that? Well perhaps the business of the person setting up their own movie review website is not a bad idea after all.

No reputable publication be it online or in print form is going to employ you as a movie reviewer and pay you for the work you do unless you are good at it. And how can you prove that you are good at it? Well, build up a collection of excellent movie reviews.

Sell your self

Once you have built up a collection of excellent movie reviews you are then in a position to approach websites and publications which produce movie reviews. Introduce yourself. Make yourself known.

And keep your eye on the employment ads. Mind you there will not be a host of jobs listed looking for movie reviewers. Imagine how many people would apply for such a job. They would be getting paid to go to the movies for free.

No, you have to make your own employment happen. Once you have experience and have a collection of movie reviews to prove it, contact places and companies which publish movie reviews. Show them samples of your work and tell him how many hits you get on your popular blog or website featuring your movie reviews.

With a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance you will get to be paid to write a movie review.