How To Write An Exceptional College Application Essay

College application essays topics differ with the subject being addressed. Most of these essays require a recounting of a personal experience. This article will be important if you are writing a personal essay such as that of the National Merit College application. When writing such an essay, the most important part is the subject matter. Here, you should not be in a hurry, knowing that thousands of applicants are applying for the program. As such, you should devote between 1-2 weeks building up on the ideas and finding an appropriate topic to write on. You might find that the subject you have selected is not very good to write. As such, during this time, you have all the freedom to choose the perfect subject to work on. You should be broad in your thinking and consider many aspects other than your accomplishments particularly if the college application committee has information on your credentials.

You should consider coming up with an excellent essay that differentiates yourself from all the other applicants. Ask yourself this question: which personal skill distinguishes you from all the other applicants? As noted before, remember that thousands of people are applying for the same college application and the awarding team will probably look at a candidate that is different from others. For instance, consider the most difficult time in your life and then consider how you handled the situation. If you come from a really tough background, which aspect made you succeed? Have you failed in the past and failed? Why did you fail and what are the lessons learnt? These questions will give you an edge into making it through the application process.

  • You should also provide answers to these questions: of everything in the world right now, what would you most like to do right now? Where would you like to do? Who would you like to be with?

  • Have you experienced a moment of shock as if your eyes just opened to something you were previously blind to? Amongst all personal traits, which is the strongest? Do you believe in philosophy? Suppose your friends were to describe you, what would they say? What would they write about you?

  • What are some of the co-curricular accomplishments that you have participated in that demonstrate your abilities? Of all these activities (if any) which one means a lot to you? Which ones are you very much interested in? What was your motivation to join these activities? What motivated you to contribute to them?

  • What do you want to do in future? Where will you be in the next 30 years? What is success to you? How does this college application help you achieve these goals and objectives?

  • The fact is that coming up with an academic essay is not the easiest thing to do. However, if you take this approach, you will definitely make it.