Helpful essay writing prompts: collecting ideas

Using prompts to help a student write an essay is a very common strategy. If you are in the process of collecting ideas for your writing prompts to assist you in your writing, you are in good luck. There are a lot of really great writing ideas available online which can help you improve your essay writing skills.

Lots of practice in writing can really increase your confidence in the process of becoming a really good writer. Learning to use written work to express one’s self is a great skill that is of benefit all through school and beyond. When you make a commitment early on to be teachable and learn from others who have travelled the road to great writing, you will be well on your way to producing winning essays.

Where to look for great essay prompt ideas?

  1. In your class textbook. Look for an interesting piece of information and then turn it into a question. For example, you might read the following, MRI scans show that violent gaming has negative effects on youngsters. You could turn this statement into a cluster of questions like, Do violent video games damage youngsters’ brains? How can MRI scans support this with evidence? Do you agree that youth should restrict their video game playing time?
  2. Look in local and national newspapers. Find a headline or piece of interesting news. Using the same strategy as above, how could you turn this piece of information into a cluster of interesting questions?
  3. Online sources are a wealth of information. You should be watchful though, and be careful what you use. It’s best not to copy something verbatim off the internet. If you find a cluster of essay prompt questions you really like, try rewording them so they are unique to you.

How to choose from your collection of ideas?

The best essay prompts are the ones which get you to dig deep. Are you passionate about the subject? Can you write with clarity and conviction? Are there sufficient research materials available on the subject to use if needed?

Take your favorite prompts and decide which one would fill your needs the best and answer the goal of the essay the best. Does your teacher want to discover something about you and the way you think? Are you trying to win a coveted scholarship? Are you trying to impress with your knowledge in a certain subject area? The answer to these questions will help you discover which essay prompt will be the most useful.