How To Write A Basic Five-Paragraph Essay: A Quick Guide

During your college years, you will be required many times to write essays on different topics. Even if some of them will need to follow a particular template, a significant percent will be the basic five-paragraph essays. As long as you chose a good topic, you do not have to worry about this structure since it is maybe the most simple one that you can use. Once you will complete one essay following these rules, you will know how to do it without any help in the future. Hopefully, this quick guide will help you:

  • The first paragraph needs to be the introductory one. You must keep it shorter than the other ones. It will contain a brief introduction, a description of the topic that you are analyzing, the reason you chose this one and from where you gathered the information that you would present. Some essays require you to mention the expected conclusion in the introduction, but this is not necessary if the professor did not require it explicitly.

  • The body of the essay will contain most of the content. Here is where you discuss the main ideas, where you present any evidence and use quotations or references. You must write not more than three detailed paragraphs, so be very selective with the ideas that you use.

  • Stay away from useless details. If they are not highly relevant to the subject, it’s better to eliminate them. Since the essay itself needs to be short, there is not point to develop the subject more than you have to.
  • The conclusion. This is the final paragraph of your essay, and it needs to contain the conclusion and a closing phrase. Also, most of the students chose to integrate in the last paragraph their opinion. If you expressed your vision already in the middle of the paper, it’s not necessary to repeat it here. Make sure that the conclusion that you write here is supported by the arguments that you used in your essay.

  • Proofread the text and ask for feedback before submitting it. Even if it is a short composition, you can still make grammar mistakes that will be obvious for your teacher. Ask a classmate to read your essay before you show it to your professor. There is a big chance that he will notice mistakes that you’ve missed.