Article Rewriting Services – How Not to Get Scammed

If you need a lot of articles and need them quickly, the best way to get them is to take an article that you or someone who works for you has previously written and have it re-written to be similar, but differently worded. After all, if you put the same article out a hundred times, 99 of them will most likely get deleted and won’t help visibility. So the next question is who to hire for the job and how not to get scammed.

A lot of re-writers claim to be able to do a high volume of work for a small fee. This should be a warning sign to you. If they are truly able to do that much work, then that is all they do, all day long, which isn’t likely since everyone has to take a break eventually. Generally what these people do is have programs that go through a document, changing words every so often. This won’t produce quality re-written work and putting your name on it may hurt your reputation.

The following is a list of guidelines and how they will help you not get scammed by the next re-writing service you decide to go with:

  1. Get a sample. If the text of the article you send to them comes back confusing or the meaning and tone of the entire article has changed, they may not be your best choice. Chances are that they either don’t know the language well enough to capture the context you want in the re-written article, or they are using some kind of software that is simply going through and changing every third word to a synonym of the word that is already there. Samples are a great way to weed out scammers.
  2. Check out their profile or website. If they are a company, check their website. Chances are that if they are scamming you, their website will give you a clue. Look for things such as bad reviews, bad comments on articles they have written on their website, no contact information, or broken English on their site. The same warning signs apply if you are considering an individual.
  3. Talk to others who have used their services. If they are a reputable company, chances are that someone in your contact list has used them. Send out a mass email to your network asking if anyone has ever heard of them. If they haven’t, you may have found a hidden jewel or they may have gotten so many bad reviews that had to start again with a new name.