Looking for an Example of a Research Paper in APA Writing Format


An APA or American Psychological Association format is the standard writing format for most colleges and universities.  This format is quite easy to use and once you have written a few papers using the format, you’ll excel at writing in APA format.  To learn how to do this format, examples will probably be the best way for you to understand exactly what an APA format research paper should look like.  

Basic APA Format

  • There are some basics to writing an APA format research paper, first is the title page, which consists of the title of your work, name, and school’s name.  This should be all centered and the entire paper has to be in Times New Roman font 12pt and double-spaced.
  • Next your header, which is located in the right hand corner of every page, will include the page number and a shortened version of the title. 
  • Each section of your research should be on separate pages, this means when you start a new subtitle, start a new page.
  • Your reference page is in APA format as well.  This means if you don’t know how to do it, research it, or use a website that will create them for you, you should learn.  And they are to be in alphabetical order. 

Where to Find Examples

  • You can start by looking online for examples of APA style; most schools do have sites that will give you the correct way to format an APA paper. 
  • Make sure you use examples from reputable sites, so you know you are being given the most accurate examples, this could lead to a mess if you choose the wrong one.
  • Look over a lot of examples, some might be better than others and reading over more will help you learn the proper way to writing in APA format.
  • Since this is the kind of format you will be using in your college career, I would just buy a book on the format, so you can use it as a reference.  Also, reading an actual book on this format will help you learn APA format. 

Examples are the best way to understand any kind writing that you might be doing.  That is why most writing read all kinds of works from others to learn how to write something.  Authors read books to learn how to write them and even screenwriters read scripts to better learn the proper way to write them.