How to write A Raisin in the Sun essay

If you want to put together the perfect essay for the play A Raisin in the Sun all you have to do is follow the tips in this article. This is a popular assignment for literary analysis classes, American history classes, and any class that focuses on race or wealth inequality.

  1. Focus on the Inequalities Represented in the Play

    There are plenty of inequalities demonstrated throughout the play. They tend to focus on race issues, but there are others that deal with power associated with wealth. How do the characters change as the power of wealth changes hand? How does having money influence one character when compared to another?

  2. Focus on Fulfilling Dreams and Goals as Inherent Aspects of the Human Spirit

    Each of the characters in the play has a dream or goals that need to be fulfilled. How do these impact what they do? How does fulfilling their goals change them? Focus on these questions and you will have an essay that really shines.

  3. How is the title of the play metaphoric? How are the characters “raisins in the sun?”

    Take the time to really dig into the meaning of the title. It will become clear if you focus on each of the characters and ask yourself how they are like raisins in the sun. This might seem like a strange mental exercise, but give it a try. You will gain clarity on the work and be better suited to write a great essay.

  4. Analyze the Societal Impact of the Play

    The play was rather controversial when first produced. Many people boycotted and protested both the play and the theater that produced it. Why? Figure out what impact the play had on popular opinions at the time. Did it help to change the way we viewed race issues, or did it just push the issue deeper?

If you look at it from this angel you will need to reference other events taking place at the same time the play was published. This is rather simple, especially if you use tools like Wikipedia.

Check with your teacher to find out exactly what kind of research paper they want you to write. You want to make sure that you follow their instructions. If you don’t, there is no way you can get a fantastic grade. With these tips you should be ready to write a great A Raisin in the Sun essay.