How to revise an essay properly

Revising an essay after you have completed it is very essential as it helps you to correct the mistakes that you might have made in the essay. Many students think that essay revision is unnecessary as they can think of no mistakes. But let me be very clear about it. Such mistakes are usually much unexpected and can also include some grammatical or spelling mistakes. But should you read the entire essay again if you are short of time. How to revise an essay should also be a little strategic.

  • Check your thesis statement:
  • First of all you must check your thesis statement. Is it really as you intended it to be and is it really influential. This will add to your satisfaction and also to correct something if you think there is a need.

  • See all the arguments:
  • Then see the point one by one that you have written to support your essay. In this step you will just be looking at what each argument is. The purpose of it is to see that you have written enough number of arguments and also written them correctly.

  • How have you written the conclusion:
  • Next is to see the conclusion. Have you concluded the essay in an effective, convincing and influential way? Does it sum up your entire essay? You concluding paragraph should contain your thesis statement in a different way. This is beneficial in that it play a convincing role in your essay. By repeating the thesis statement, you are proving that your thesis statements have strong grounds and it has been proven by the above arguments. Remember that you should not repeat the exact words but rephrase the thesis statement.

  • Detailed essay:
  • With completion of revision through above steps, you have gained an overview of the essay and seen the main points that they are really done in the exact sway as you planned. If you have time remaining after that too, then you should study your entire essay in complete details to eliminate mistakes if there are any.

You can revise your essay along with saving your time. These steps will enable you to revise your essay in shorter. This adds to the satisfaction that you have not left any mistake in the essay. Never take the revision for granted as essay is not really complete without revision.