Writing a Quick Draft of You Essay

Using a quick draft to write your essay will help you in ways that you probably have never considered. A quick draft is slightly different from the first draft, as the first draft is using notes as a guideline beforehand. When you write a quick draft, it is more similar to writing improvisationally. There are many benefits to this, and it is something that is worthwhile to explore and practice for your next essay assignment.

Write Fast

When you are constructing a quick draft, you are essentially getting everything out of your mind when you are first considering what you are going to talk about in your essay. By doing so, it may not seem perfect at first glance, but that is okay. The quick draft is not expected to be thorough- it is more like a skeleton version of the body of the essay.

The advantages of writing a quick draft is that you will get out the information that you retained first, so you might include things that you will forget later. It also is a good basis to go off on when you decide you want to add more content and edit. While it is different than note taking or making a diagram, it is sometimes better to write a in a less organized fashion in order to take a look back and see where you want to go from there.

Writing a quick draft is a preference that is used by some people, but not all. Quick drafts are great for people that think rapidly and tend to work spontaneously. If you seem to have this kind of personality, it is worth a try to start a quick draft on your next essay.

Quick Draft not Final Draft

Do not confuse quick drafts being the final drafts. There are many steps in between the quick draft and the final draft- after you construct a quick draft, then you may be able to take more time for a first draft, edited to the final draft, with many amendments in between. Though quick drafts have the word “quick” in it, it is not a shortcut to an essay. It is merely a different way to approach getting the essay started, and it is important to determine the differences there.

It might benefit you to try one method of taking notes and drawing diagrams, then the next essay to do a quick draft and see which benefits you more. The equivalent of writing a quick draft versus note planning is like jumping in a pool versus slowly dipping in. It is merely a matter of preference.