20 Amazing Narrative Essay Topics You Can Use

Writing a great narrative essay means becoming a great story teller. This means you'll need to do some brainstorming to come up with a “plot” and a story line. Of course you must remember the fundamentals of any basic essay structure.

You will need an awesome opening paragraph that gets your reader's attention right from the start. Build your characters and plot as you write the supporting body paragraphs, and finish with a closing paragraph that leaves them wanting more.

You should have no trouble coming up with ideas for your next narrative essay assignment. Just in case you get stuck, we've put together a list of subjects should you require a little inspiration.

Our Top Ten Narrative Essay Topics:

  1. My Deepest, Darkest Secret

    Everyone loves to be told a secret! What would you willing to be share with your readers? Why have you never told anyone?

  2. The Most Beautiful Place In The World

    Take your reader there. Describe the sites and sounds and the way that you would feel. Make them feel the magic too!

  3. The First Thing I Remember

    How old were you? Where were you? Why do you think that event stuck in your head when previous ones did not?

  4. If I Could Travel Back In Time

    Where and what time period would you visit? What would you expect to find? Describe all the differences between the world at that time and the one that we live in today.

  5. The Strangest Thing I've Ever Seen

    Animal, plant or neighbour? Did you feel fascinated or frightened?

  6. What I Learned From my Cat

    As she lay sleeping in the sun, she began to softly snore. Outside the window a thunderstorm raged and rain beat against the side of the house. Yet she was undisturbed. Can our pets teach us to ignore the craziness of everyday life, withdraw and relax?

  7. What My Dog Thinks Of Me

    The way he looks up adoringly at you when you come home. The way he dances in circles when you bring out his favourite ball. What do you think is going through Spot's mind?

  8. My First Kiss

    You don't need to include names!

  9. Where I Want To Live

    City, town or mountaintop? Apartment, house or tee-pee? Alone or with a family? And why?

  10. If I Had Three Wishes

    What would they be?

Still Stuck? Ten More:

  • My Favourite Meal
  • A Job I Would Hate
  • Five Things I Cannot Live Without
  • The Hardest Lesson I Ever Learned
  • My Lucky Charm
  • If I Were Prime Minister
  • If I Lived In The Future
  • The Funniest Thing I Ever Saw
  • The Saddest Thing I Ever Saw
  • My Most Embarrassing Moment