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A thesis statement is one of the most essential parts of a research paper because it gives the reader a hint of what the paper will be about. In a research paper the thesis will determine how you interpret the research on the topic. There are three general types of research papers and the one you choose to write will determine the thesis statement for research paper.

Types of Thesis Statements

When you write a research paper you can explain something to the reader, argue for one side or another in an argumentative paper or analyze the research to reach a conclusion. A thesis statement for  research paper that is analytical will evaluate a specific issue, break it down into parts and analyze each one before drawing a general conclusion. If you want to explain something to the reader, then you need to know how to write a thesis statement for an expository research paper. This means that you will explain a process or a theory by presenting the research to back up what you are saying. Argumentative thesis statements are the most popular because they use the research to provide support for an opinion.

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This small fee will free up hours of your time when you have the statement you need to know where to start your research and writing. You may not realize it, but you should have a thesis statement for research paper in mind before you do any research because then you will know what direction to take in your search for information and support for your argument or explanation.

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